Motorola Droid 4 Accessories: Complete Guide

Droid 4 Accessories

The Droid 4 Accessories are a must-have to solve many problems for users of this smartphone. Adding some of the basic items to your life means a better experience and additional options and usages when it comes to utilizing this device. 

Motorola Droid 4 was a game changer in a number of ways at the time of its launch. One of the pioneering handsets it got a positive response from consumers. The 4G capability, the latest Android version of its time, a sturdy design, and a full QWERTY keyboard were the reasons.

If you have one and want to maximize the utility of Droid 4, choosing the right accessories can improve the functionality, as well as increase its protection and practicality while opening up additional use cases. This is why here we are with a list of relevant items for you to check out.

The Essential Droid 4 Accessories

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Based on various purposes and function the Droid 4 accessories enhance the users’ experience in different ways. From protecting the device to enhancing functionality, adding convenience for the user to opening up venues for personalization. The benefits are manifold when counted.

This is why having the right collection of accessories is essential to enhance the user experience, modify the device in the right way, and make it versatile. The following sections introduce you to the major accessories associated with Droid 4.

Covers and Phone Cases

When it comes to prolonging the lifespan of a device and keeping its youth intact, covers and cases are essential accessories. These are designed solely with the purpose of protecting the device while giving it an aesthetic look.

They protect Droid 4 from unintentional wear and tear, bumps, and scratches. There are various options available for the users like Rubber, Clear, Leather, Holster, Hybrid, and Wallet cases, each with a different design, functionalities, protection levels, and styles to cater to wider user choices.

Rubberized Cases

These cases are designed to provide a better grip while ensuring a good level of protection when a user accidentally drops their device or rubs it against an abrasive surface. The material is generally soft to give a tender feel yet flexible enough to bear the accidental impact.

Leather Cases

These are some of the best protective cases and some of the most durable among the Droid 4 accessories used for protection. Leather material has a premium look and a feel that is less synthetic and alien, with greater protection compared to other options on the table.

Clear Cases

These are particularly useful when you are trying to show off your device to onlookers, yet want a certain level of protection from dings and scratches. It is a great way to experience the real design of your device with its see-through nature.

Holster Cases

As you might guess from the name, these cases are specifically designed to hinge the mobile phone on any part of your usual apparel, be it the pant belt or some other part. They are usually sturdy and let you carry the device without even feeling its presence on the body.

Hybrid Cases

These are the accessories that come out of the amalgamation of various materials into one. Mostly it is a mixture of rubber and plastic that bring the case durability and greater margin to integrate a style and a different design.

Wallet Cases

These are a kind of hybrid cases but in terms of functionality and purpose. Formed from the combination of the protection point of view with the carrying purpose of a wallet. Thus, the carrier can also use it for other purposes like carrying currency and cards in addition to full protection.

Screen Protectors for Droid 4

If there is an accident with the device the first most sensitive part to bear the impact is its screen. Unfortunately, this is one of the most delicate parts that is yet precariously exposed to the environment. This is why a screen protector is one of the first choices in the list of Droid 4 accessories for a user.

The screen protector not only gives protection to the screen from cracks, scratches, and tears from drops, surface friction, and other activities but keeps it in good condition just like new. There are various types of screen protectors in the accessories for Droid 4 list.

Tempered Glass Protectors

The tempered glass screen protectors are made of tempered glass and are meant to give the best possible protection to the screen against unwanted scratches and cracks. Due to their fully glassy nature, they give a smooth experience while in use and can be applied easily on the phone surface.

Plastic Film Protectors

These are more flexible compared to Tempered glass and give the user an easy form of application. They provide good protection against scratches but are not as durable compared to tempered glass. But when it comes to price, they are economical and can be replaced without burning your pocket.

Anti-glare Screen Protectors

These are designed with great functionality. For people who use their Droid 4 in outdoor environments or in highly lit indoor rooms, the screen protector can reduce the user experience due to glare issue. These protectors are specially designed to reduce this glare and give the users a proper view of the screen contents.

Privacy Protectors

These screen protectors are developed using the polarization process. Not ideal for general use but if privacy is your top priority this is the one you need for your Droid 4 device. It narrows down the view angle and people peeking over at the screen cannot see what is displayed on it.

Chargers for Droid 4

Among the Droid 4 accessories chargers are the most important. As the battery life is always a limiting factor in the use of any electronic device, Droid 4 is not an exclusion. To top up the juice in the smartphone, there are various types of chargers available.

Each of these comes with a unique feature and brings its own set of benefits. If you are looking to pick up one for yourself, the best options are mentioned here. Go through the list and pick the one based on your needs and preferences.

Wall Chargers

These are designed to plug into an electric outlet anywhere and they charge the mobile phone quickly. They are either single-cord dedicated chargers or some come with an additional USB port that can be used to connect an extra device simultaneously.

A wall charger gives the user the convenience of charging the device anywhere, especially when away from a laptop or a computer. The charging speeds are the fastest among the similar options that are discussed in the sections below.

It is a great source of uninterrupted power which can be used to charge multiple devices via various USB ports at the same time. If you spend most of your time indoors, this is for you.

Car Chargers

For regular travelers who own a Droid 4, this type of charger is the default option. This lets the user charge the phone on the go. Simply plug it into the car’s cigarette lighter and there you will get an uninterrupted source of power to juice up the smartphone.

The users who have a profession that necessitates the use of mobile phones all the time, this type of charger is the best. Never face a low charge issue on your Droid and keep the charge above optimal all the time with this option.

Solar Chargers

When staying at home or commuting between two points in a car, there are various choices for users to pick from. But when going off the grid, say for hiking or trekking there is no reliable source to power up the mobile.

For outdoor enthusiasts and people who want to spend more time in nature or live in a rural area away from a reliable power source, Solar chargers are the ideal option. These harness the energy of the sun and are totally worth every dime. Get eco-friendly and never bother about electricity issues.

Wireless Chargers

Want to get rid of cables and cords and use a direct interface to connect your devices for charging? A wireless charger is what you need in this case. Here you will need to place your mobile phone on the charging pad and see the battery icon getting active instantly.

The Wireless option is best among the Droid 4 accessories for people who have a cluttered space or want the workspace to be free of cords and cables and want a clean table or room. These chargers are flawlessly efficient and safer, with great compatibility and portability.

Memory Cards for Droid 4

No matter how big the storage space is provided by your smartphone, it is never enough. The good thing is, there is an option for the users to expand the storage space on the device using a MicroSD card. The space on these external memory cards varies from 2 GB up to 256 GB.

Choose the perfect size that is according to your requirement and budget. This will allow you to store more images, videos, music files, and other important documents without ever worrying about storage space.

These memory cards are designed to be fully compatible with your Droid 4 and they are fast as well as reliable. Instantly transfer files between devices including larger sizes without affecting the device performance.

The MicroSD cards are durable and long-lasting with considerable resistance to physical shocks and temperature variations in the environment. This means even with rough handling and a variety of environmental variations, users can rely on them without any issues.

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Car Mounts

A reliable and sturdy car mount is a must-have among Droid 4 accessories for users who use this mobile for navigation or entertainment purpose in their vehicle. Even with a high-quality 8-megapixel camera, it could be used as a dashcam on any vehicle type.

Thus, a car mount is essential for anyone who is using a Droid 4 for the above purposes or even as the default music or entertainment tool. With this instrument, the device could be placed securely on the dashboard within the sight and reach of the driver.

This means you can get across a busy intersection, or listen to your favorite singers while commuting between work and home. Don’t need to divide your attention between the road view and your phone, let it do all the hard work while you only lend your ear to it.

There are various designs available for the users to pick from. Based on different holding positions like the windshield attached and dashboard attached. Some can even be attached to the front AC vents near the steering for a closer look.

Power Banks for Droid 4

If you are going on a journey and it is going to take you a while before you can actually connect your mobile phone to a power source using the charger, then a power bank is the accessory that is needed. A power bank is simply a portable battery that can charge your mobile multiple times.

It comes with multiple ports that can be used simultaneously to charge more than one device. It has a rechargeable battery, a convenient option to keep your devices including the Droid 4 optimally charged.

There are various types and designs of power banks. These could vary based on the capacity of charge and sizes. Your choice depends on whether you want to carry it in your hand or a bag and how long you want it to last between various charging sessions.

If you are someone who uses the smartphone for longer periods and needs a reliable supply away from the grid, get your power bank now. Make it part of your essential items and never worry about charging any gadget ever.

Audio Accessories for Droid 4

With the right Droid 4 accessories in the audio section, the users can get the maximum output from the device. Everyone knows a Droid 4 is a versatile device, a powerful tool that can be used to enjoy options other than just communicating with loved ones.

It comes with a built-in audio player that can be used to listen to the music of any kind. Now, if you are using this option in a noisy or open environment the output from the built-in speakers is not optimal. This is why you need a pair of headphones or an external speaker to boost the sound or cancel out the external noises.

For people who want to listen to music or watch a movie, or like to talk on video, these accessories can enhance the experience. Your demands and expectations could vary, and for each, there is an option available in the market.

When you go out to purchase one, there is more than one option and you might get confused in selecting the most suitable audio accessory. So, here we will sum up all the available options in this section that can be picked for the phone.


There are two main types of headphones. The number one is over the ear which can cancel out all the external noise and let the user focus on the audio coming out of the smartphone. The in-ear headphones on the other hand are light and depending on their design have a varying degree of noise cancellation.

The more plug-like the earphones are the more unsafe they are for prolonged use, especially if you like to listen to audio at higher volumes. Moreover, there are two types in terms of attachment. The Bluetooth-operated ones give a cord-free experience but need to be charged.

Corded earphones are that need a wire connection to the earphone jack on the mobile phone but they could get entangled when you are moving around a lot and have a habit of keeping these accessories in your bag or pocket.

Bluetooth Speakers

Listening to loud music without disturbing others is possible. Now there are multiple mini-Bluetooth speakers available out there that can be used to enhance the volume just enough to get a better experience. At the same time, this volume is low enough to not bother others in the next room or in the neighborhood.

They connect wirelessly and the users do not need to carry a long cord to attach the speakers to the smartphone. Droid 4 Bluetooth can be used to pair the devices and there will be no compatibility issues on the two sides. Want to spend some quality time while outing with friends? Add this to the list of Droid 4 accessories.

Audio Cables

The audio cables with 3.5mm jack or USB to 3.5mm cables are designed with various lengths. These can be used to connect the Droid 4 to some bas-boosted external speakers or even to the audio systems of vehicles.

This means using these cables you can use your Droid4 to connect it to your car’s music system and listen to the favorite songs stored on the internal storage of the phone.

External Microphone

For vloggers and freelance professionals recording the content with their mobile phones is possible. For this, if an external microphone is used, it is easy to get enhanced audio quality on the recorded video. This is why a good quality microphone is always recommended by professionals.

Antenna Booster for Droid 4

Enjoying faster internet speeds means compromising signal quality if the user is away from the signal tower. Despite all its great features, your mobile phone might struggle in picking up signals when away from the tower. This degrades the call as well as the internet browsing quality.

This is why an Antenna booster should be part of your essential Droid 4 accessories. It considerably improves the signal quality and enables the user to enjoy reliable connectivity and internet browsing and streaming experience.

Get the perfect Antenna booster and enjoy improved signal strength on your mobile. Enjoy perfect call quality with clear audio and instant connection saving yourself from the frustration of dropping calls. Moreover, you can enjoy faster data speeds with uninterrupted video streams and quick browsing on the device.

Other accessories

The list of essential accessories for Droid 4 will not be complete if we conclude the list with the above-mentioned items. There are other options for the users that they can pick from, based on their requirements, use type, and availability.

One of the most important among them is the battery. Droid 4 comes with a lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 1785mAh. At standard use and optimal capacity, it gives a talk time of up to 10 hours and 12 days of standby time.

The best part is that it is removable and if you experience any degradation with time, replacements are available easily. The same goes for all the main parts including the screen and outer cover, adapters, virtual reality headsets, and other miscellaneous accessories.


When buying a mobile phone, the set of hardware is not just limited to the options that come in the box. There are additional tools that the users can add to this list and enhance the capability and functionality of their device. These Droid 4 accessories help users to get the most out of this device and Team ShopAndroid has listed the most important of them in this article for the convenience of the readers.

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